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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

coffee for one

there's only two of us these days who demand strong black coffee in the morning brewed from gourmet beans and it's not just the caffeine because one assistant has opted out from fear or sheer indigestion or something choosing instead to make her own lonely cup of coffee in a styrofoam cup each morning from a small plastic cone and the hot water tap in the 'cooler' which evidently doesn't always cool.

so me and coffee drinker one we buy coffee on our own schedule brew coffee to our own liking review each other's selections and brewing skill a sort of futile enterprise given the now-off-white mr. coffee that might be older than i am but still it's a little office subculture a sort of community formerly of four then of three then of two and it feels homey.

and then there was one because my brother-in-coffee is out today and i realize this at 9:30 having eaten a navel orange so taut and massive and thickly insulated it might have been a basketball and halfway through a not-quite-ripe banana these two elements of my three-element breakfast which was sort of depressing because today i felt like waiting until he brewed it.

actually that's a lie.

i didn't want to wait so i went ahead and started to set up the mr. coffee and it wasn't until i squatted before the water cooler that it dawned on me i would be brewing for one rather than two and thank goodness i remembered because when i've forgotten such situations in the past i've made enough coffee to kill a horse and thus proved under a durress borne of caffeine compulsion that i have the constitution of well something bigger or more steadfast or iron-constituted than a horse.

thing is in brewing for two it's nine 'cups' not more not less by the little white partially effaced hashmarks metering the slightly filmy glass of the coffee pot but when brewing for two my caffeine-broken math says six it must be six and six cups it thus becomes.

which if i survive is for the best since i have three weeks to leave everyone here smiling and five weeks of work on my plate and caffeine enables me to work and blog and read faster or at least that's what i tell myself when rationalizing.

as though from on-high something just fell on my desk requiring my attention.

i'd like to thank my parents without whom not my loving family and of course juan valdez.


Blogger Shar said...

Juan Valdez, snork!

I thank Starbucks, any of their really bold/strong blends, that The Mister grinds fresh each morning and which makes the journey with me in a double-walled insulated travel mug, one hand on the steering wheel and the other on said mug to keep it from tipping over in the car's cupholder till I get it to work, where mug in one hand and carryall in the other, I prop the mug against my chin while I try to navigate the security card into the entryway door with the other hand, then hit the elevator button with my elbow, and finally, carry it safely to rest on the desk in my office. Only then will I start to savor it. Ahhhhh!!

9:08 PM  

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