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Thursday, February 03, 2005

String Theory

So at last, I believe it's time to introduce all four of you to one of my favorite blogs out there (again with the apologies for not yet stealing the code to put permanent links to these places somewhere on this site), Zulieka Unstrung. In this post, Zulieka takes on the Big Bang itself, highlighting what she finds to be a breakdown in the intuitive framework of the theory. Like hers, my physics, especially my astrophysics, is entirely too deficient to wrap itself around various conundra and dilemmas implied by the discovery at the heart of this not entirely current story. I should probably acknowledge that my physics, notwithstanding two years of it at a top college, appears to be far more deficient than hers, even though she's entirely too humble about her own ability, for it seems to me that she's made a compelling case for some pretty sophisticated problems with the new(ish) data. Anyway, since a few of you have your moments with such things, perhaps you can drop by and try to answer her questions. God knows I can't.

(Fair Warning for those of you who work for Big Brother or have delicate sensibilities (and if you do, please go away): Zulieka occasionally posts racy photos, often of herself (or so I presume, though how can one really know online?), so you probably don't want to call up her blog on your monitor when someone might be looking over your shoulder. That said, she's also quite beautiful, so those of you inclined toward women will probably find something to like on her site once in a while, even if you don't find the tremendous appeal I do in her elegant and eloquent musings about art, music, sex, and her incipient motherhood (in which, if she happens to encounter this post, she should know I wish her well).)

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