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Is coming nearer on the path.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

New Blog Discovery (for me)

This successful author, who is married to an even more successful author (depending on how you measure success, but he's pretty damned good, and pretty damned appreciated on pretty much any index you can come up with; hell, even I like him, though I'd be happy to tell you what I perceive to be his authorial weaknesses -- and no I won't tell you who it is, because his wife deserves her own attention and you can do your own legwork), is all kinds of interesting in her own right. In just a quick perusal, I'm convinced I'll be visiting this site fairly often. Here's a representative excerpt:

I'm on a new [medication] regime again. Lucky for me I'm back on the skinny pills (Topomax). The Trileptal wasn't supposed to make me fat, but it did. It also wasn't supposed to make me as stupid as the Topomax, but it made me stupider. These meds all make you lose words, proper nouns in particular. Terrific side effect for a writer. I spend a lot of time leafing through the thesaurus looking for words like "individual" or "omelet." Those are two words that I actually found myself unable to remember within the past few weeks. Egg-thingy doesn't cut it when you're writing a novel.

"Egg thing." A serious post on a serious topic, but it's still pretty damned funny.

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