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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Curt, Perfect

Baltar just plain nails it, with one of those perfect statements so obvious people tend not to think about it, a sentence that rings in one's hands like a baseball bat as it makes perfect contact with a 95 mph fastball (one supposes; I've never hit one much over 80).

I'm going to say this clearly: The fact that people, as Christians, can't force the rest of the country to live like they do is not religious persecution, it's freedom of choice.

All of this a propos Tom DeLay's announcement that he will attend Justice Sunday II, round 2 in the church's ground war against all things juridical, and, by extension, all forces that dare to suggest there's something other than the peculiar brand of worship they so assiduously would impose by plurality fiat on every American they on whom they can get their grubby little paws and before whom they can deposit their grubby little collection plates.

DeLay should be ashamed; Baltar does a much better job than I of explaining why.


Blogger Stewart said...

Amen. Baltar's whole article does nail it. You've pointed out the single sentence that makes it absolutely clear. And it is so obvious that it should not even need to be said.

5:26 PM  
Blogger brian said...

I tend to agree that Christians, in the U.S. today, are not at all persecuted. But that sort of rhetoric sure does fire up the base, eh? On a related note, it strikes me that these folks don't have a good grasp of Romans 13. There are certainly different ways to read this passage, but it is pretty clear about one thing -- government is established by God, good, bad or indifferent by our standards. Verse 3 actually dovetails nicely with Baltar's requests -- U.S. law does not, in any way, force a Christian to go against the word of God. We aren't forbidden by law to change people's hearts. Someone else said it better:

But in the main, I do not think there is any real hope for "reform" of the late-liberal state. I think the best answer is to resist disorder personally, and if one is truly successful at this, it will spill over into one's family and one's immediate community. Hunker down and wait for the big crash per MacIntyre* and Eliot.** See what's salvageable from the rubble.

I'm sure many of the readers here and at Bloodless Coup don't agree with his assessment of the Liberal project, but can you argue with his solution?

5:50 AM  

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