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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ahh, Democracy

The next time Bush, Rove, or another of his evil geniuses or lackeys suggests that a filibuster is anti-democratic inasmuch as it foils the will of the people as manifest in the voting inclinations of their representatives in Washington, remember that, when those same representatives, including those of his own party who have been nothing if not generally compliant, simply wouldn't line up behind his nomination to serve as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Bush went ahead and appointed him anyway.

To be clear: this is a constitutional power that has been used, in the past, by Presidents of every political stripe. But not all of them raved about how antidemocratic are the filibuster or other minority power-exercising mechanisms.

Nothing is more antidemocratic than rule by fiat, autocracy. For the record, the senate pretty clearly (if tacitly) "advised" Bush to appoint someone else to the UN and pretty clearly did not "consent" to his appointment. Not that that ever stops Bush.

So when Bush talks about something being antidemocratic, just remember, his comments regarding democracy are fundamentally hypocritical in the first instance, and you should assess his credibility accordingly.


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