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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thursdays at Havana

For over five years, Thursdays at Havana has been among the best nights for music in the city. I've been remiss in failing to propagate notices concerning who's playing, especially insofar as I count a number of the parties involved as good, and long-standing friends. So beginning this week, I'll be posting information regarding who's playing when. Hopefully, in this vein, I'll also be doing a better job of posting events generally. This blog has not concerned itself as much as it ought to with local events of various kinds; that stops today.

TONIGHT (07.28.05)

BROTHER MIKE - 10pm & 1am - Deep Soulful House Music

PRODUCT 19 - 11pm to 1am - Been over a year since John played at Havana.
Visiting us from his new home in London. It will be nice to have him back.
- Electrasoul, House of Styles,

$2 Yuengling Bottles and $3 Mojitos - 10pm to 2am

NO COVER / 21+ / I.D. Required
Back Patio Open

Mark your Calendars,

Friday August 12th, 2005
5505 Walnut St., Pgh (Shadyside) PA
9pm to 2am
$6 / $8

Featuring the sounds of :
SHAWN RUDIMAN - Live PA - Technoir
LOLA - New York City - Deep See NYC
TREVOR COMBEE - aka The Instigator

A number of these acts, if not all of them, are fantastic, in Moon's personal estimation, particular Shawn Rudiman. Trevor Combee is a wild card, but always entertaining.

The summer isn't going to last forever; get up, get out, have a drink and enjoy some music.


Anonymous binky said...

On Walnut St? Wasn't Havana on Ellsworth (I used to tango there).

10:34 AM  
Blogger Moon said...

Defiance is a different event, a party Jason C is promoting in conjunction with T@H. Don't quote me, but I think the event in question is at Cozumel, the second-floor Mexican joint near Victoria's Secret on Walnut.

10:36 AM  
Blogger brian said...

5505 should be Cozumel (we used to live at 5501, back when we were young and hip).

11:05 AM  

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