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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Baltar Hits the F%$king Roof

Over at Bloodless, Baltar decides to explain in a comment why he bitches about administration and Republicans generally in lieu of the Democrats flitting about in the dark halls of the Capitol Building.

From my perspective (a libertarian conservative), this administration seems bent on spending more, legislating more morals, damaging the separation of powers (moving more power out of the courts and Congress and removing their ability to check the executive), eroding my liberty (but not increasing my security; have you seen the spending figures for airports vs. ports vs. trains vs. roads? - which do you use more?), and generally acting like rational debate about means and ends is inappropriate in public policy, and any questioning of the President is quasi-treasonous. In short, this administration has taken the worst of the Democrats (spending like they don't have to pay the bill), the worst of the Christian right (my morals are the majority, so we should enforce them), the worst of the NeoCons (America is loved! Let us bomb you to prove it!), the worst of Nixon's paranoia/power seeking (What, you question me? You're fired, and we're going to keep track of you.), rolled it all together and called it "Republican". It doesn't look anything like anyting Republican I've ever seen.

Look, I'm not reflexively anti-Republican. I'm registered as one, dammit. I just don't see these people acting like them, and (worse), when they are called on it they come out swinging, not debating. They've stolen my %(#ing political party and I want it back. [all emphasis in original]

Quelle screed! Bad-ASS. And I must confess: though I don't share Baltar's historical connection to his party, I'd take a Reagan, hell even a Gingrich Republican, over what we've got right now. I'd take it and smile. Read the whole comment (there's more!!!) or the entire thread. It's amazing: after years of exchanging all the arguments -- why the Bushian ideas are bad, and why the Bushian administration doesn't reflect even the bad ideas it extolls but rather worse, less coherent ones -- there are still more valid critiques it's entertaining to throw around. It just never gets boring.


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