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Monday, May 02, 2005

There Is Such a Thing as Bad Publicity

All right, a quick show of hands: who thinks Jennifer Wilbanks, the "runaway bride" who has supplanted real news about relevant foreign and domestic occurrences lo this last week or so, would face prosecution if hers hadn't become, through media saturation, a sort of 'federal' case? That is to say, haven't others fled altars with varying degrees of honesty, over the years?

The problem is, in the past, local police officials didn't have an army of safe-story-idea-starved journalists jabbing microphones in their faces asking them what they're going to do about it. Not content to waste precious air time on a stupid non-story, apparently now we'll have to make sure to waste taxpayer money as well.


Blogger matt said...

Well, with all the DeLay flap going on, it's either that or jack up the terror alert a notch.

They should set up a steel cage match between Wilbanks and Bridezilla.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous binky said...

I don't thing she should pay. How about the idiots in her family who obviously couldn't believe that a grown woman might have done something of her own free will and done a bunk?

Baltar and I were discussing this the other day, and we ended up here:

1) What a sad commentary on society's perception of women that the woman was immediately perceived to be a victim of a heinous act (as opposed to say, if the groom had done a vanishing act).

BUT 2) What a sad commentary on society that actually, the idea of a woman being a victim is one we are ready to quickly accept, because experience (spousal abuse, rape, etc) and the media (of course) have shown it to occur.

3:26 PM  

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