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Thursday, April 28, 2005


And while I'm skewering poor usage, a day or two ago I and presumably thousands if not millions of others received from Not In Our Name an email with this subject line: "No Theoractic Judicial Takeover! Protest April 27th!"

Theoractic? I was all set to mock their poor editing with the ever-so-important subject line to their mass mailing when I opened the email to see if they'd gotten it right inside, at least. Nope. Two more usages of the non-word. And -- worse -- not a single use of the word they presumably intended, "theocratic."

Don't get me wrong. This blog contains plenty of errors, and I tend to overlook the small stuff. But when you're a multi-million dollar PAC with a full-time staff of marketers, writers, and political operatives, you ought to be able to get at least the buzzwords right.

Oh, and from the NION website: "The cost of 'free speech' in this country is very high. The suggested contribution is $200, but all contributions are very welcome." $200!? Even money-grubbing NPR typically asks for a smaller annual contribution than that! Given the parsimoniousness of middle America, I suspect that this Free Speech is expensive meme is a poor one to propagate.


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