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Friday, March 04, 2005

A Scriptural Basis for Abortion?

I'm sooooo not going to weigh in on this myself, though I'm sure most of you can surmise my position. Nevertheless, Brian, posting at DCH (I also recommend his post) calls attention to an interesting piece providing a context for considering abortion in light of Christian scripture.

To be clear, the author of this latter piece, Elroy, no longer identifies himself as a Christian in the conventional sense (I also recommend this long piece explaining his reason for distancing himself from denominational Christianity):

Today I continue to believe in a loving God, but I can no longer claim the Bible to be his Word, nor can I claim myself to be a follower of the Christ most Christians follow. I have become one of the most liberal people I know. In reality, it was my search as a Christian that has led me to be more liberal in my thinking. In other words, I started out quite conservative theologically and politically, but through seeking to understand God and seeing how Grace is needed to heal the troubles of the world, I have been driven to adopt more liberal attitudes toward how we should treat others.

But his knowledge of scripture as formerly born again certainly appears to be fairly comprehensive (I'm no one to judge, but he draws on many disparate sources and appears to make more of an effort to acknowledge the broader context than most fundamentalist pundits). He concludes that there is no strong scriptural basis for either camp in the abortion debate. Instead, he identifies a "Culture of Christianity" that has evolved to deplore abortion for evidently extra-scriptural reasons. It's a very interesting read, regardless of where you come down on the issue.


Anonymous binky said...

Well, this is the universal problem with fundamentalism of all stripes. Many of the most restrictive aspects belong to (dare I say "patriarchal"?) culture more than dogma.

11:49 AM  

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