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Monday, February 28, 2005

M & M's and the Nature of Discipline

so i'm driving home from NJ yesterday in the early evening (about which, more in a post soon to follow), and at a rest stop on the turnpike i grab one of my standard snacks: a starbucks latte and peanut m & m's.

per usual, i crashed through a king-size bag of peanut m & m's like an anteater through an ant hill. not for the first time, i found myself wondering why it is that i never keep candy at home -- is it because i really don't care to have it around, or is it because somewhere along the way i figured out that if i have it i'll eat it, and how?

i have cause to believe that i suffer from a profound lack of discipline (data on file with author, available on request), but that's consistent with either possibility: on the one hand, i might lack discipline as to the immediate, and thus choose not to trust myself with sweets in close proximity, and not buy them for home to compensate. on the other hand, if i'm so lacking in discipline, why is it that it never really even occurs to me to buy candy at the grocery store? did i somehow convince myself that candy is something you buy at convenience stores, not at grocery stores, or something like that?

none of this is to complain: for all my vices past and present, the one that might make me overweight seems to hold me most weakly, and with cycling and climbing (and, for that matter, being a single man in america) weight matters. so it's all good, as the kids say. (or said. who even knows anymore.) but it seems to me there must be some sort of lesson intrinsic to this phenomenon that might hold the secret to arresting other vices i'd just as soon see go.


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