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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Meet the New Mets, Same As the Old Mets?

The pun, I'm afraid, reigned supreme over sense, because I don't think the New Mets are the same as the old ones. Indeed, if this article is any indication, I think things are going to look very very different this year.

The new Mets, like the old Mets, are relying on players who are out of position to solidify their defense and middle relief pitchers who are unproven to buttress their bullpen. But there is a sense after this triumphant winter that they are starting on a winning streak. Even in the third and fourth hours of practice on Wednesday, the Mets made their own happy music.

There was Cameron commandeering photographic equipment to take pictures of fans. There was pitcher Steve Trachsel carrying on a conversation with reliever Dae Sung Koo, even though they do not speak the same language. And there was Bartolome Fortunato throwing a fastball that knocked down Floyd, then blaming his brushback tendencies on the influence of Martínez. "It's him," Fortunato said.

I can sort of stow away that I'm a Giants fan during the football season and pull for the Steelers, who are in a different conference, but when it comes to baseball, there's no dual allegiance. I don't have any problem with the Bucs winning, and I pity them their payroll constraints (and do what I can to help by showing up to at least a few games each year), but I bleed Mets blue and orange. Just the way it is.


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