Some tiny creature, mad with wrath,

Is coming nearer on the path.

--Edward Gorey

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Thursday, March 09, 2006


So today, out of an abundance of ambition, and basking in the glow of an unusual eight-hour night of sleep (I woke at 4 and found myself strangely uncomfortable with the thought that I still had three hours of sleep ahead of me; I woke to my alarm groggy and disoriented by my circadian satiety), I decided to cap the week with another long ride home in the unseasonable temperatures.

The only real differences from yesterday's return trip are pace and a few different choices made on the fly. Neville is no longer barricaded, so I was able to roll right through Fifth without jogging over to Craig. Because I didn't get forced over to Craig, I was free to use Ellsworth instead of Bayard, so I took Ellsworth to Bayard. After that, my route was identical to yesterday's, through Friendship and East Liberty to Stanton -- except that I made a left a block before Stanton rather than stand in a line of traffic, and came across Chislett.

9.74 miles in 44 minutes, for an average speed of 13.28 mph.

And since tomorrow I'll drive to work, heading directly to NJ at the end of the day, that wraps up my week unless I bring the bike to Jersey for a ride in the burbs on Saturday morning. I may. But for no, the tally for the week, factoring in the three rides discussed here and a standard-issue eight-mile round trip on Monday, is 66 miles in five days. 150 miles in two days it ain't, but it's still my best week in memory, and I felt fine tonight -- like I could have gone on or a while.


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