Some tiny creature, mad with wrath,

Is coming nearer on the path.

--Edward Gorey

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Impromptu Blogroll Addition

Care of Zulieka, I recommend in the strongest terms The Utterly True Adventures of a Pathological Liar, and the lyric, aching writings of one Sunshine Coyote. Henceforth, you will find her in my blogroll, under MoonOverWords.

It’s odd to be home from work. I am a link in a long chain of toiling spirits that cannot sit still to save their fucking life. My mother’s mother was an Army MP and detective for the Delaware police department. Hard nose and silver tongue. Trace a delicate finger along that family tree and you not find a woman without calloused hands and feet. Nothing short of a brain hemorrhage keeps them from their duties. Forget whining, bullshit, or horseplay...roll up your sleeves, find a strategy and get it done - What’s your problem? Yeah? Well, let’s think it through.

It's rare that I jump on a bandwagon so completely so swiftly, but the first few posts here just floored me in every way, and that sort of thing need not wait for corroboration.

The post excerpted serves as another reminder that the best writing isn't always the most florid, though Coyote appears to have great aptitude with the elaborate and the simple, not to mention a sort of knowing gravitas and a hint of melancholy levity -- all of which sophistication helps one identify the real thing from the monkey at the keyboard having a good day.

Caveat: for those regular readers (and I know of at least one) who are expecting, I caution you that the recent material on this weblog is about as agonizing as imaginable, and probably especially difficult for expectant parents to read (indeed, Zulieka introduces the specific post she links as "the saddest words." And though I am neither new mother nor expectant father nor anything else that provides even a slant-rhyming cognitive or emotion context, I'm inclined to agree.

By the bye, Z's writing -- and her sketching(!!) -- also have been splendid of late.


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