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Monday, May 09, 2005

Care of MySpace

Today, I find in my MySpace inbox this message from a putatively Russian woman whose profile contains no photograph (as though it matters):

Greetings! Very that you will answer this letter would be desirable to trust. I from Russia.. I hope you does not frighten distance between us:):)........ If it is pleasant to you kind and devoted people, it means, that it will be easier to us to communicate and we shall like each other. I have written to several men, but they have not answered me and consequently I very much hope, that you will answer me. My box: [email address] By the way my name [Anna]... I not so like mentality of Russian men and consequently I have decided to find second half abroad. I want to tell at once to you, that my intentions are very serious, in search of second half. I write to you in hope, that we can be good friends and it is possible more! I very interesting and cheerful person so speak my familiar. To you it will not be boring with me))))))). I very much love a life! Therefore I try to not spend the vital energy for such things as lie, envy treachery. I think, that each person is incorporated kindly, but not each person is able to dispose correctly it. Write to me and I shall send you the photo. For me the external beauty of the person is not so important, for me the internal beauty of the person is more important. It is soul and kind heart........

"Consequently?" Not bad for someone with such an apparently poor grasp of the language. How did we ever survive before the internet?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got one of these yesterday from out of the blue as well from a woman supposedly from Russia, except that she has a picture (nice!), her English is slightly better, and the e-mail was shorter and a bit more coherent.

Where are these things and people coming from and why (and how) are they looking at and finding my myspace profile? It seems suspicious to me, but what's the catch? (Financial assistance requests later? Or links to a porn site? I dunno!) I'm ignoring it... I don't know or trust who is out there. Call me jaded.

10:08 AM  

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