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Is coming nearer on the path.

--Edward Gorey

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Because It's Not About Harriet Miers, Judicial Activism, Or Anything In That Vein

So I've been so fixated lately on the Miers nomination, and languishing without weekend internet access, and I miss things. I strongly recommend this discussion, among a group of friends (well, I suppose Emily's the one I really know; the others are nice people I've met through her), if you're interested in speech acts as acts in furtherance of violence, violent acts of a sort unto themselves, or acts of discrimination. Do it in this order (in the tradition of Star Wars, and because I imagine these topics exist in a perpetual state of in medias res (because the res simply has neither beginning nor end), I number from four through six):

Fourth Thing.

Fifth Thing (this actually follows Sixth Thing in time, but just to mix it up it's fine here)

Sixth Thing.

I'd say more but a) I have to think about it some more, as I just read it; and b) Blogger for some reason is running about a two second delay on my text box, so I'm having a lot of trouble typing while I watch the cursor track across a neutral visual space like an Arctic whiteout. Even my corrections lag; and if I do this much longer so will my typing, my eyesight, and quite possible the quality of my thought as well, which really doesn't have a lot of facility to sacrifice to the creeping white oblivion.

I'm obviously punchy this afternoon, though I don't know why, but in any case he topic under discussion is not only worthy, it's worthy of discussion by someone feeling more on the ball than I do at the moment. Check it out.


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