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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Did Anyone Not Know New Orleans' Days Were Numbered?

By now the story is a commonplace that local, state, and federal officials were well aware that, were NOLA to get hit by a slow-moving category 4-plus storm, it likely would be wholle submerged with rank, toxic water, and many thousands would die.

But knowing that the coverage was around and reading it is something else, including this especially, and hence eerily, prescient Editorial by the New York Times' Adam Cohen, who echoed (subscription required; the Link Generator doesn't go back to 2002) conjectural fears akin to the current very real scenario on August 11, 2002.

It's just creepy how clear everyone was on what would happen. You could have described the current disaster down to the finest detail, years ago, just be combing through the mainstream media's one-off articles on the topic.

Not to mention the government reports . . . .

If somebody doesn't get fired at FEMA . . . ah, well, that's an old story, and nobody's getting fired at FEMA. Nobody ever gets fired in the Bush administration. Because nobody in the Bush admin has done anything wrong, right? Right?

Um, right?


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