Some tiny creature, mad with wrath,

Is coming nearer on the path.

--Edward Gorey

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. Outlying Islands

Writer, lawyer, cyclist, rock climber, wanderer of dark residential streets, friend.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Tire Bugs Revisited

Faithful readers, if there are any, will remember that I wrote a little ways back about an odd apparent infestation of my fixie's rear wheel by little white book-lice-ish critters. Well, one thing led to another and now the delightful 63xc*** has been kind enough to republish the piece. It's cleaner now, and coupled with the mini-bio in the sidebar, a little more fleshed out.
*** The motivating force behind this has a name, but I just cruised the site looking for it and couldn't find it, so for fear of outing the person in question (something I try not to do, for obvious reasons since I'd rather not have someone blow my cover either, I'll not post his name here).


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