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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


So just in case you're wondering -- and I know that you are -- while every scant depiction of anything even tangentially related to sexuality in any form draws the flaming ire of the moral majority, whose enthusiasm for dictating culture for a pluralistic nation of 300 million people seems endless and is ably focused by such cultish PACs as Focus on the Family and the like, this is what they're upset about in the UK:

Call center workers shown on TV singing with their mouths full have prompted a flood of complaints from Britons concerned over the depiction of bad manners.

The commercial for KFC became Britain's most complained about ad, with 1,671 members of the public contacting the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Offended viewers said it encouraged bad manners in children by making it appear funny to sing or speak while eating, and 41 of those who complained said their children had aped the ad.

But the ASA rejected all complaints and dismissed fears of an epidemic of children eating open-mouthed.

"As teaching good table manners is an ongoing process needing frequent reminders at meal times, we do not agree that the advertisement would have a detrimental effect," the authority said in its ruling.

Now, wouldn't it be nice if, in response to the complaints of an amplified infinitesimal minority about seeing Janet Jackson with a pasty, the FCC were to reply, "As teaching critical thought is an ongoing process requiring the continued engagement of parents and children with, well, the culture in which they find themselves, we do not agree that locking our children into a sex-free bubble where it is, oddly, okay to show a child dozens of bloody murders in a movie rated PG, but where the appearance of any portion of a healthy person's genitals is abhorrent and must be punished to the greatest extent the retreating left will bear, is an effective way to raise real children to live responsibly in the real world."

Well, one can dream, anyway, right? Um, right? Anybody know of any e-savers to London?


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