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Is coming nearer on the path.

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hard Questions, Easy Questions, and the Blogosphere

Brian Leiter riffs on what blogs are good for. And what they aren't. Culminating in this facially legitimate set of conclusions:

Part of intellectual maturity is being able to tell the difference between questions where humility is required and questions which are not worth one's time. The so-called "blogosphere," like the public culture in general, is not a rich repository of intellectual maturity, needless to say. And, unsurprisingly, intellectual lightweights with trite opinions, and limited analytical skills, take offense when I make it all too clear what the answers to the easy questions are. Many of these folks are no doubt honest, well-intentioned, decent people, who have been led down unhappy paths by circumstances or indoctrination. It is an important question, far beyond my ken, what can be done to set them straight. But it is not the aim of this blog to do so.

An interesting read. (Hat tip)


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