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Friday, November 11, 2005

The French Connection

For fans of Ferrari, Paris, F1 drivers, and good old hard-core driving porn, have I got a film for you. Rumor has it it's an F1 driver in a Ferrari terrorizing the streets of Paris.

A few observations: BUS!!! The Arche de Triomphe!!! Shit look out!!! The final verdict: Paris pigeons are way more alert than New York pigeons; little bastards can move when there's a Ferrari bearing down on them at 200 kph.

Serious driving porn -- like Gran Turismo 4 except real.

(Hat tip, Brian.)


Blogger matt said...

A little more backstory can be found here. Some physics nuts broke down based on time and landmarks just how fast the guy was going.

In more driveporn news, check out the donuts and arrest of this STi nutter here.

1:23 PM  
Blogger brian said...

I must defer the tip to Matt. He sent the link my way. I'm not that cool.

3:48 PM  

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