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Friday, August 12, 2005

Pittsburgh Blogfest 3, Post-Mortem

Last night, as some of you may know, was Pittsburgh Blogfest 3. For general misanthropic reasons, as well as due to concerns about Moon's anonymity, I vacillated considerably over the past couple of weeks regarding whether to attend. Props are due WoJo, Cindy, and whoever else I'm missing that ought to be thanked for making the event happen.

Everything was mellow, it was nice to put some faces with some names, and I was surprised to encounter a couple of local bloggers I know in the real world. First, Erik of WilliamPittsburgh is an acquaintance (I've been running into with odd frequency lately; maybe I should stop going out and, you know, seeing people; it's not very misanthropic of me to be so, you know, visible of late). Then, of course, there's LawProf Michael Madison, who has added to his local color Pittsblog and law-centric Madisonian the new local-local (Mt. Lebanon) color group blog, BlogLebo. Not that I care much for Mt. Lebanon (at least for now, I'm a dedicated city boy; I grew up in an affluent bordering on opulent suburb, and have had quite enough of it for now), but I do care for Professor Madison's insightful comments, which never neglect to acknowledge, tacitly or explicitly, the Mt. Lebanon is an affluent bordering on opulent suburb with all the silliness that attends that status. Which is not to say he's not serious in his discussion; plainly he is. He's just honest, too.

Finally, Moon made some new friends, and found some new sites to add to his blogroll as soon as time permits. In no particular order:

Colleen and Joe run PittsburghDish.

Then there's Ol' Froth, whose as much of a hoot online as he is in meatspace.

Also, All Jacked, and Inner Bitch. I'm sure I'm missing someone, and I'm sorry.

In sum, however, a wonderful evening.

And I'll stop there, lest I just duplicate all of the effort that has gone into establishing and maintaining the wonderful Pittsburgh Webloggers to less salutary effect.

And hey, wait a minute -- Where was Shar?!


Blogger Shar said...

I really, really wanted to go, but The Mister teaches guitar on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and I won't drive downtown myself from the Outer Boonies. Yeah, I'm a weenie.

Thanks for asking. Next time, make it on a Friday or something!

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a real pleasure meeting you, and am glad you made it down!

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoops, that last post was by me, Mike (wojo from

7:52 PM  

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