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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Updating My Blogroll

It's been entirely too long since I made some modifications to my blogroll, and I am pleased to direct all seven of you (three of whom are probably the three Pittsburgh blogs I'm linking, so you don't count) to these newer local discoveries, and one older blog that I've raved about before but never permalinked for some odd reason.

So, in no particular order:

Occasional commenter Eli, maintains Rockoweb, featuring bits and pieces on cycling, environmentalism, rock-climbing, and Pittsburgh.

Meanwhile, "WoJo," among others, writes Grabass!, which is currently trying to figure out what it is. Also, he's seeking feedback on the direction Grabass! should take.

Finally, among Pittsburgh blogs, Baxter Hathaway has recently started The New Polluter, a blog that modestly states the following mission: "Rethinking, redefining, and reinvigorating the way that humans interact with the world around them." Oh, is that all? (Sorry Bax, I couldn't resist.)

And then, in some sense saving the best for last, for whatever reason I simply raved about Flagrant Disregard in April, yet never provided a permalink. That situations is remedied. She's listed under Words, and rightly so; her blog, as painful as it sometimes is to read, is simply riveting, and one of the few truly original things going on in the blogosphere. I simply can't recommend it in strong enough terms, with the caveat that you have to read more than a post or two to orient yourself to her peculiar life and her cryptic way of talking about it. It's an acquired taste well worth acquiring. Tony's a big fan, and I have him to thank for turning me on to one of the two (who also happens to be one of the prettiest near-term pregnant women around (Good Luck, Z!)) or three most evocative, most affecting, blogs I've found.

Ah, that's better. Now I can get back to work. Or get started with work. Or something. Hey, I've been good for six weeks straight; I'm entitled to have a scattered day from time to time. I haven't had to seriously multi-task in two years. And the occasional backlash against serious multi-tasking evidently is no-tasking. So be it.


Blogger eli said...

Thanks, but you forgot 'child-rearing'!

11:37 AM  
Blogger Moon said...

you know, i actually almost included something to that effect, but i had a crisis of confidence vis-a-vis whether i was misremembering something, and i didn't have time to go back and check one way or another. anyway, you're welcome, and i'll try to get my fact-checking department to get off its ass in the future.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Kevynn Malone said...

I just read your comments about Fat Free Milk from Febuary. Thank you for that.

4:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, you're making me think I should drop the Wojo moniker. This was back when I wanted to be anonymous when I first ventured into the world of blogging. But I think I'll keep it because it is ridiculous.

I enjoy your blog!

-Mike ("Wojo" @

8:44 PM  

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