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Friday, April 08, 2005

To Release a Bird in Hand . . .

Moon once again rolls the dice. I haven't posted on New York or the job hunt in a while, but things grew more complicated when Moon was contacted by a Pittsburgh recruiter he hadn't spoken to in a couple of years who, in essence, put him back on her active list. Why not? thought Moon. What could it hurt?

And of course it doesn't. Hurt. Not really. It's nice to be wanted, and Moon is pretty early in his career to interest a recruiter, most of whom restrict their activities to helping relocate attorneys who are far enough along to have portable business (read clients) to offer a new firm, so he must be doing something right.

So she gets Moon an interview with a mid-sized, prestigious Pittsburgh firm. Why wouldn't he go? He does. Within 24 hours of scheduling that interview, however, Moon is contacted by another office -- an office the value of which inheres in the nature of its work and its prestige, rather than its compensation -- and he schedules an interview with that office as well. For the same day. Bright guy, you know?

And now, after both interviews, his life is a wreck. A good wreck. But a wreck. Much should be decided in the next couple of weeks, and New York, the prinipal party pertaining to which has been all but unreachable, has all but fallen off my map, as these other opportunities and short decision event horizons (as well as Moon's exasperation at New Yorker's failure to communicate promptly) intrude to change the relative gravity of the two cities at issue.

Matters of prestige aside, however, it's difficult for Moon to imagine one possible scenario: turning down a fantastic opportunity that pays $x in favor of a chance at a job that pays $1/2x, give or take. But Moon's got a bit of a gambling problem when it comes to his career. And this plays right into his compulsion.

For those of you who don't want to see me go, in the aggregate this is all good news. Just be nice to me for the next week or two, as the whole situation a) is a mess, and b) could blow up in Moon's face rather spectacularly, which would be a crying shame.


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