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Friday, April 01, 2005

Allegheny County Politics

Ah, a local story has caught the eye of TalkingPointsMemo's Josh Marshall:

George Radich is a constituent of Allegheny County State Rep. Jeffrey E. Habay.

Radich and four other constituents petitioned a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court to audit the records of Habay's political action Committee, the Friends of Jeff Habay. So, according to charges filed today, the next time he received a letter from Radich, Habay sprinkled some white powder on to the envelope and then called the cops, claiming that Radich had tried to take him out with an Anthrax mailing.

Unfortunately for his sake, Habay is apparently a fool since Radich had, uncharacteristically for a Anthrax mailer, included a return address. And things went even worse for him when it turned out that he had paid for the postage with a credit card.

Habay is already awaiting trial on unrelated ethics charges and, if there was any sense to things, would also be charged with being a friggin' moron.

That's my county!


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