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Monday, March 21, 2005

The GOP -- Crazy Like Foxes

So it's heartening to learn from this ABCNews poll that Americans by astonishing margins disapprove of federal interference in the Schiavo case (70%) and believe Congress is overreaching for political gain (67-19).

But unless we're so credulous as to believe that Republicans (or, to be fair, Democrats) really are staking out these positions for moral purposes rather than political gain, then we have to assume such disapproval was something the GOP could anticipate, and that they saw something to be gained even in so flouting the People's preferences.

Hmmm . . . could it be that this is just another sop thrown to the far right constituents of the party without regard to the moderates on whose votes the administration rode into office for a second term? No, that couldn't be. After all, this administration has been the voice of moderation for over four years now.

This recalls Katherine's observations, to which I directer your attention last night, that people who vote Republican vote for all of this tripe. All of it. And they're responsible for a Congress that defies the 3 to 1 preferences of the electorate in the Schiavo case, the 3 to 2 preference of the electorate against privatization, and so on and so on. So thanks, folks. Much appreciated. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to return to drafting my very very very clear advance directive.


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