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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Oh. My. God.

Seriously folks, if you never read a word of my poetry or my long-winded vignettes, if you dismiss most of my political pieces as short-winded and derivative, if you find my commonplaces to be largely pointless, and if -- in short -- you never visit this site again, I ask only one favor: please o please o please check out the story of the male escort who would be, or rather was, a white house correspondent for a bogus media outlet -- and at that, one who got to ask more questions of press secretary Scott McLellan and even the Prez than the average bear. For some almost certainly preposterous reason, the mainstream media isn't touching the most sordid aspects of this imbroglio, but they're going to have too soon, because it's all over the blogosphere.

UPDATE: Man oh man it gets worse. Gannon was in the White House Press Briefing Room before his supposed news organization even existed. Hat tip, Armand.

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Blogger matt said...

This administration is more tight-lipped and exclusionary than any other in history, and that includes Nixon. If any of the major networks get on McClellan's bad side, there go any exclusive interviews or "leaks". As far as any small-town papers asking about it, McClellan and Co. will follow the Rove formula: Deny, deny, deny. We didn't know he came from such a sordid background, and it's not like he did anything except lob softballs to the Shrub ("lost touch with reality"), so I fail to see how... hey, is that a terrorist?!? Raise the alert to Orange!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's another article on it:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's another article on it:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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